The Software Engineer Interview.
“Software engineers build the products that fuel and support our business.  We look for problem solvers that are analytical, creative, and thoughtful about the solutions they build”  –Hiring Manager— Hiring Manager
Writing algorithms and pseudocode, and solving puzzles
Architecting a system for scalability, performance, availability, reliability, etc.
Teaming up with product managers, designers, and other team members to ensure product is shipped
Breaking down complex problems into discrete components of a technical solution
Sample Interview Questions
  • Do you follow the Agile software development process?
  • Tell me about a difficult project you worked on
  • What are the trade-offs between different programming languages and frameworks?
  • What is the most important thing to check when reviewing a colleague’s code?
  • What principles of software engineering are important to you?
Our Software Engineering interview coaches have helped clients land jobs at Facebook, Salesforce, Zynga, Amazon, Google, and other leading companies.  We help you rise above the competition by providing:
  • Mock Interviews from a coach who has hired Software Engineers
  • Tailored practice based on the role and companies you are targeting
  • Deep feedback that candidates never receive from the actual interview
  • Insights on how you rate compared to your competition
  • Analysis on your ability to structure, synthesize, and articulate compelling stories.
  • Frameworks for answering common and tricky questions
  • A learning plan and homework assignments to improve your interviewing and on the job skills