The Product Manager Interview.
“You need to demonstrate an innate ability to empathize with the customer while partnering with engineers to build the experience that draws consumers, and generates revenue.”  –Hiring Manager— Hiring Manager
Understanding user needs and pain points, and using this insight to delight the user
thumb_01_60_60PROBLEM SOLVING
Disaggregating problems into manageable chunks and mapping them to a set of features
Designing features to solve for user needs in a way that drives adoption
Partnering with engineers to build the right features, and teaming with the business to drive monetization
Sample Interview Questions
  • What is your favorite product and how would you improve it?
  • What type of feature would you design to better monetize Twitter?
  • Design a product to help your friends save money
  • Design a feature for Dropbox to increase paid subscriptions
  • What are some new Alexa skills you would roll out and why?
  • Would you create a Google branded credit card for advertisers?
Our Product Management interview coaches have helped clients land jobs at Facebook, Amazon, Google, Square, LinkedIn, and other leading companies by providing:
  • Mock Interviews from a coach who has hired PM’s
  • Tailored practice based on the role and companies you are targeting
  • Deep feedback that candidates never receive from the actual interview
  • Insights on how you rate compared to your competition
  • Analysis on your ability to structure, synthesize, and articulate compelling stories.
  • Frameworks for answering common and tricky questions
  • A learning plan and homework assignments to improve your interviewing and on the job skills