The Marketing Interview.
“Marketers have to show the strategic thinking to connect the dots between the product and the customer, while being able to relentlessly execute within a rapidly evolving ecosystem.”  –Hiring Manager— Hiring Manager
Understanding the customer journey, their motivations and behaviors, how it differs in B2B vs B2C, purchase consideration, and perceived value.
thumb_01_60_60FULL FUNNEL
Drive customers from the top of the funnel in driving engagement to the bottom of the funnel in driving conversion
Harness digital and offline channels to achieve the range of objectives across the marketing funnel
Connecting marketing strategies with business objectives including, revenue growth and differentiating from the competition
Sample Interview Questions
  • Create a marketing campaign for a new product
  • What channels would be most effective for our business?
  • What metrics do you use to measure your team’s success?
  • How would you improve customer retention?
  • Design a marketing campaign to attract new customers
  • Tell me about a time you changed someone’s mind
  • How do you manage competing priorities?
  • What is your experience with social media, content marketing, other channels?
Our Marketing interview coaches have helped clients land jobs across marketing disciplines ranging from brand and direct response, growth and retention, to digital and channel marketing roles.  They have got jobs at marketing agencies, F500, and startups including Facebook, American Express, LinkedIn, EA Sports, Procter & Gamble, and other leading companies. We help you rise above the competition by providing:
  • Mock Interviews from a coach who has hired Marketers
  • Tailored practice based on the role and companies you are targeting
  • Deep feedback that candidates never receive from the actual interview
  • Insights on how you rate compared to your competition
  • Analysis on your ability to structure, synthesize, and articulate compelling stories.
  • Frameworks for answering common and tricky questions
  • A learning plan and homework assignments to improve your interviewing and on the job skills