The Finance and Accounting Interview.
“Corporate finance and accounting professionals need to have a keen sense of how to invest wisely, manage the books, partner with the business, and ensure the company is financially on track”  –Hiring Manager— Hiring Manager
Analyzing business metrics, building models, and generating insights that inform the strategic direction of the business
Understanding financial statements (e.g., income statements) and leveraging them to inform business decisions
thumb_01_60_60RISK MANAGEMENT
Identifying and mitigating risks to the company’s financial health
Presenting complex and quantitative information to a wide variety of audiences across levels and roles
Sample Interview Questions
  • How would you assess a new investment opportunity?
  • Which financial statement is the most important and why?
  • What metrics are important in measuring your teams success?
  • Tell me about a time you changed someone’s mind
  • How do you decide between two investments, given a fixed budget?
  • Tell me about a time you had to give difficult feedback
  • Which financial regulations are most important for our industry?
  • What if you discovered a mistake on your financial model after it was approved — how would you handle it?
Our Finance interview coaches have helped clients land jobs at Amazon, WalMart, Office Depot, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, and other leading companies.  We help you rise above the competition by providing:
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  • Analysis on your ability to structure, synthesize, and articulate compelling stories.
  • Frameworks for answering common and tricky questions
  • A learning plan and homework assignments to improve your interviewing and on the job skills